Snacks refresh and inspire

Reliable snack vending machines provide the just-in-time snack that helps employees focus and satisfy customer cravings.

Trendy snacks to elevate your break room experience

Select unique items

Create a customized snack vending machine menu by choosing just the items you want to offer at your location.

Product delivery sensors

All our vending machines come installed with a system that sensing if a product drops, triggering a refund if it does not.

Pay by phone option

We make purchasing a snack easier than ever by accepting mobile payments at Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Houma vending machines.

Better vending machines

Enjoy state of the art snack vending machines designed to provide reliable service all day, everyday as well as save on electricity.

Trendy choices that fit local tastes

When your company needs snacks, call in the professionals — M&M Sales at 1-800-334-6354.