Our fresh food uses only top-quality ingredients to ensure it’s tasty and satisfying.

  • Made in FDA-approved facilities
  • Ingredients are the freshest possible
  • Each crafted from quality ingredients
  • Fast delivery to your vending machine
  • Freshly stocked in your micro-market

Food makes employees happy

Well fed employees that aren’t forced to leave the location for meal breaks work harder and are more loyal.

Offer staff the chance for better breaks with the perk of fresh food.

  • Great value for quality food right on-site
  • No reason to leave the facility seeking meals
  • Subsidy option to lower price and increase the benefit
  • Upgrade to pantry service to offer all food items free
  • Perfect way to retain top employees in competitive market

Make employees smile

Tasty and satisfying food options delivered on site are a great way to show employees you care.

Create the perfect fresh food vending machine for your location.

  • Personalize food options to fit your employees
  • Regular rotation of new fresh food items to try
  • Requests are welcomed and make the service unique
  • Includes healthy and nutritious fresh food items
  • From entrees to sandwiches and everything between

Increase morale

Make employees happy at work by offering the fresh food options they want at a great price.

Deliver fresh in an open concept micro-market or with sponsored pantry service

  • Fresh food is a moral boosting feature of any break room
  • Micro-markets offer food in eye-catching glass front coolers
  • Pantry service lets you offer options free to employees
  • Execute the ultimate break room experience
  • Give the ability to save time and money on eating

Food equals happy

Get more out of employees when they aren’t hungry or traveling off site in search of meals or food snacks.

Our wide selection of fresh food will improve the corporate culture in your Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Houma business.

When it’s time to update your break room with food, it’s time to call
M&M Sales at 1-800-334-6354.