Customer Testimonials


“The McIlhenny Company has worked with M&M Sales for 10 years now. They provided our vending machines for 9 years, and now we have replaced most of our vending machines with the new micromarket. Wayne is our M&M Sales contact, and he is always extrememely helpful; also someone comes to service our micromarket at least twice a week. Our employees love the healthy options provided through the M&M Sales micromarket.”

– Troy Romero, McIlhenny Company, VP of Operations

“Stone Energy has been working with M&M Sales for two and a half years. They provide our vending snack machine and our Keurig machine and k-cups. The route driver who comes by, Rob, is always super helpful and full of energy. The customer service we receive from M&M Sales is great, everyone always has a great attitude!”

– Carley Schramm , Stone Energy , Office Services Assistant

“Clarence and M&M Sales have made a significant difference by being an important part of kicking off our Employee Mandates for Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center. The M and M’s are ALWAYS a hit and great for getting people to begin working on their annual professional education requirements. We truly appreciate your effort in obtaining those for us. The donation is truly a blessing to the hospital and we can’t thank you enough. ”

– Chris Hockaday, MS , Our Lady of Lourdes RMC , Organizational Development Manager

“We have been working with M&M Sales for over 10 years. They provide our offices snack and drink machines, we have six machines and over 200 employees. A sales rep comes by our office, periodically they’ll come and check on things. We moved into a new facility and they came in just to make sure we got all the machines in and set up. I can’t say what’s the best thing about M&M Sales. It’s a combination of a good working relationship and good products. Whenever I need something, I email my sales rep and he’ll write back and let me know what’s going on. I would definitely recommend M&M to a colleague!”

– Gina Trahan , Hunting Energy Services , Executive Assistant/Office Manager

“We’ve worked with Mickal McMath and M&M Sales for about seven years now for our coffee and coffee machines. Someone from M&M Sales comes to our business every two weeks, and they check on us frequently. Even if they don’t drop by our office, they will send an email to check with us and see if we need anything. When the route drivers come in, they clean the coffee pots, give us updates of coffee and really engage in “coffee talk” which we love! Great customer service. ”

– Kelvin Thibodeaux , Alty Camper Top Trucks , Owner

“I’ve been working with M&M Sales for over 20 years now. They provide vending and k-cup coffee services for us. The customer service is the best thing about M&M Sales, the response I get from Clarence is always great. We decided to add coffee services recently; our physicians wanted to do one cup at a time. The thing I request most is the Starbucks coffee, our employees love it. I would definitely recommend M&M Sales, I am very happy with the customer service and the response time. Clarence does a really great job of attending to my needs and checking in with us.”

– Melissa Reynolds, Acadian Medical Center

“We have worked with M&M Sales for over 15 years. They provide us with drink machines, snack machines, and cold food storage machines like sandwiches and ice creams. Someone from M&M comes by several times a week to re-stock the machines. I have to say, M&M has got their act together. They are very reliable, and they know the vending business. They know their product. They’ll tell you what’s moving they know the products to stock you with. Our machines even have the cashless technology which our employees really like. I would definitely recommend M&M Sales to a colleague.”

– Quentin Busby , Louisiana Pigment Co. , Human Resources Supervisor

“I’ve worked with M&M Sales since 2012; they provide vending services for Thibodaux Regional Medical Center. The staff that refills the machines come by weekly. I think the best thing about M&M Sales is our sales rep, Byron. If I have to call him and ask for service, we never have to wait a full 24 hours before it is handled. We decided to take away sugary beverages from our drink machines, and Byron was seamless for us in that process. He is very helpful in determining what products to stock our machines with. I am very happy with M&M Sales.”

– Richard Curtis, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, Director of Food & Nutrition