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vending machines and office coffee service in HoumaHouma Has Lots of Vending Machines

M&M Sales Company vending machines are exactly what your Houma business needs. Not only do we offer snack vending machines but food vending machines as well, that offer fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit, and many other healthy options. Providing onsite vending machines allows for less time spent in long lines and more time spent being productive in the office. Keep your employees satisfied with fully stocked vending machines and providing options for everybody. We offer subsidized vending which is a wonderful way to show appreciation for all your employees.

Houma Needs an Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service

There is nothing better than having an office break room that provides an assortment of coffees and teas with advanced coffee equipment for your Houma employees. Our office coffee service ensures your office break room has fully stocked shelves and supplies so you can brew yourself that perfect cup of coffee or tea. We offer traditional brewers as well as single cup brewers that allow you to brew your very own latte or cappuccino. Enhance production and inspire ideas with better office coffee and tea service.

That’s not all, we also provide an office water service. Our environmentally friendly water filtration service is a great addition to your Houma business. Our water filtration service removes impurities that affect taste. Offering better tasting water can also increase the quality of your coffees and tea service. We offer countertop and floor-standing models that dispenses hot and cold water.

Micro-Markets Are Thriving in Houmavending service and micro-markets in Houma

A micro-market is exactly what your Houma business needs. Turn the snack area into a small market with a self-checkout kiosk. Add a variety of snack and beverage options to your office break room with open coolers and wracks where employees can personally pick the food or drink of their choice. The self-checkout kiosks make purchasing extremely efficient, using credit, debit, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet, employees never have to worry about having cash on them. Having an open selection allows employees to personally pick out their items and even check nutrition labels.

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