Gain more benefits with
a micro-market

Improve corporate culture, create an alluring break area, and offer hundreds of refreshment options with micro-markets.

Enjoy a unique break experience at your Lafayette, Lake Charles, or Houma company. We bring in everything you need with a micro-market, including shelves, hundreds of products, and a self-checkout kiosk. The service is customizable so you can get the right mix of items or even pay for some or all of the products in order to reduce prices for employees. M&M micro-markets are a scalable program to fit your needs.

Self-serve micro-market benefits in Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma
Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma micro-market benefits

Create the ultimate break room

Fully stocked and ready for that energizing snack or convenient lunchtime meeting, a micro-market creates a better experience.

Create a stellar corporate culture

Ensure employees feel valued and inspired by the refreshments you offer in the break room so they perform even better.

Nutritious choices

Meet the needs of today’s employees with healthy snacks and drinks that fit many different diets.

Fasttrack refreshment

Eliminate the need for workers to waste time looking for meals, snacks, and beverages with quality grab and go options.

Drive a positive culture

Create a collaborative, social break room that inspires, with the best products in a classy presentation.

Fully automated back-end

Rest easy knowing all sales are recorded automatically and sent to our headquarters for reports and restocking lists.

Hundreds of selections

The open concept enables us to present your employees with a larger than normal range of products.

Attractive Design

We will custom wrap the micro-market fixtures to ensure a sophisticated, enticing refreshment solution.

Flexible Checkout

With our micro-market, employees have the option of paying with the self-checkout kiosk or mobile app.

Company subsidizes

Reward employees by subsidizing some or all of the products in the micro-market to lower prices.

Create balance

Give the hard workers at your Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, location the time-saving refreshment they need.

Create a winning break area for employees using micro-markets from M&M Sales at 1-800-334-6354.