Spectacular Flavia Brewer available to Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma workplaces

We’re bringing cafe quality straight to your break room!

Flavia brewer in your Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma office

Advanced Technology

This high quality, single cup brewer is ideal for your Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Houma employees. It delivers coffee, hot herbal tea and specialty drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos. The unique design makes it easy to clean, fill and maintain!

Flavia coffee options in your Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma office

Premium Quality

No matter if it’s a specialty mocha or green tea, your employees will enjoy the wide variety of options that recreate cafe style beverages right in your office! Each Freshpack is vacuum sealed and delivers premium flavor and quality once it is brewed!

Flavia office coffee options in Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma

Customer Satisfaction

With an integrated touch screen, the Flavia makes it easy to craft the perfect beverage. Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma employees will have cafe quality beverages delivered right to their fingertips!

Introducing Intuitive Brewing

Bringing you the most versatile coffee experience with Flavia. In less than a minute you can craft the perfect cup of coffee, tea, latte or cappuccino. The quick brewing speed and large variety of drinks make it the perfect brewing machine for your Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma employees.

Personally craft your favorite coffee, hot tea & espresso drinks with advanced Flavia brewing technology

Flavia coffee options in your Lafayette, Lake Charles & Houma office
Awaken your employees and customers to the possibilities with Flavia, available from M&M Sales at 1-800-334-6354.